Zeynep Erbay – Escape The Toxic Train

Continuing our journey deeper into music that moves the body and the mind, Soul Clap Records follows Turkish talent Zeynep Erbay on an Escape From The Toxic Train. After a decade-plus hiatus from electronic music, Zeynep returns with a multi-faceted new EP of synthed out house and disco that explores issues around humans’ relationships with planet earth, ourselves, and each other. Escape From The Toxic Train sees Zeynep opening up and letting herself be free to feel the moment and be vulnerable through her music, and it is with great respect that we help provide the tracks for her journey on this train.

In her words:
“For the last two years, I’ve been spending more time and writing & drawing my dreams. Escape from the Toxic Train tells the story of a dream I had, escaping from a toxic train. It’s a train where everyone is having the time of their lives inside, but the fun they’re having is destroying them. However, at one point the train starts to become increasingly toxic, and those inside reach a point of self-destruction. Meanwhile, as the train passes through a canal in Amsterdam, it slowly begins to split in two, and the train leaks its toxins into the canal water. At this point, I begin to realize what is happening and manage to escape the train by jumping off of it. The train, on the other hand, continues to make its way into a dark unknown.

The Toxic Train represents the planet we live on giving us important messages… It is certain that we will not be headed on a sweet journey if we, humans, continue to live our toxic relationships with ourselves, nature and each other. We still have a chance to turn it around. My wish is to open ourselves up to consciousness and to keep holding on to the LOVE within us…”

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