quickly, quickly – Feel

Portland, Oregon’s Graham Jonson marks a new era for his quickly, quickly project, re-introducing himself as a full-fledged songwriter, vocalist, and arranger, playing nearly everything from drums to keys and guitar, and of course electronics.

“Feel,” his first single with Ghostly, is a proper point of entry to the vibrant new sound. Jonson layers bass, piano, and synth atop a bossa nova drum break (from Cory Limuaco). The subject in this shuffling psych-pop song is identifying with a character in a film who’s stuck in a rut; as the kaleidoscopic groove unfolds the character gradually unlocks (“all my senses going crazy / maybe I’m dying maybe I’m breaking… what is this color that I’m seeing / what is this feeling that I’m feeling / could it be love could it be healing / so freeing…“). The film and the suspended reality merge with the liberating realization that the life this character watches is their own.

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