Phillip & Lloyd – Keep On Moving

First is Phillip & Lloyd – Phillip James and Lloyd Campbell aka The Blues Busters – one of the most successful vocal duos to come out 1960s Jamaica. Progressing from cabaret shows to touring with Sam Cooke in the space of a year, they went on to record singles with the likes of Bluebeat, Treasure Isle and Trojan.

Moving onto New York, their Cooke inspired soul harmonies proved popular on albums for Dynamic Sounds and Scepter, before making the flight to Miami and letting the funk-machine that was Noel Williams loose. The resultant album, You’ve Got To Keep On Moving, offers the two highly prized songs Do What You Want To Do To It and Keep On Moving.

These driving disco funk bombs – backed by the in-house Deep Root Rockers band and Betty James on backing vocals – appear for the first time on 12”. As ever the B-side is given to a favourite producer and so welcomed back is Dan Tyler (Idjut Boys / Noid) and his NAD moniker. He turns Keep On Moving in to an unrelenting long-form disco-dub that could just be an anthem for a new summer of love.

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