Beringei – Without You

Following his infectious debut ‘The People, The Place’, Beringei returns with the deeper ‘Without You’, featuring WotNot label- mate William Florelle and Andrés Alcover.

Three beautifully alluring tracks of Beringei’s signature sound; soulful melodies, low-slung house and broken beat grooves, and R&B-flavoured bass lines – all wistfully transporting you back to ‘the place’.
Revolving around the theme of adapting to change, the EP deals with turning negatives into positives, after the artist struggled through an injury and mental-health issues in 2019, putting him in a great place to lead us through the troubles of 2020.

Hypnotic opener ’Peace of Mind’ emerges through the incense smoke, with Andrés Alcover’s vocals gliding effortlessly over licks of Rhodes, shuffling drums and a delicious rolling bass line.
Title track ‘Without You’ picks up the pace. This is the EP’s body mover, featuring frequent collaborator William Florelle on vocal duties; Broken Beat at its finest.

The melody for closer ‘Hearts (Our Love)’ literally blew in on the wind through Beringei’s studio window. It’s a delicate and nostalgic yet bouncy 4×4 chugger reminiscent of the old beats scene of 2013/14, brought to new life with Beringei’s cloud-like sound palette.


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