Alaskan Tapes – For Us Alone

The last release from Toronto-based composer Brady Kendall, 2019’s Views From Sixteen Stories, found him playing alongside a french hornist, a cellist, a pianist, and a drummer to create patient, jazz-inflected melodies that drew comparisons to Brian Eno. On his follow-up under his Alaskan Tapes moniker, For Us Alone, he pares back his collaborators, but instead leans into the textures of room tones and field recordings to enrich his sound. Songs like “Floating, Completely” and “Real People in Real Places” toe the line between ambient and post-rock, with soft, brushed percussion and stormy, reverberating guitar. “Of Falling” pairs radiant synths reminiscent of Boards of Canada with murmuring field recordings from his Toronto apartment; it’s an artifact of home recording that makes the world feel much bigger than his studio’s four walls.

Alaskan Tapes

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