Aaron Space & his Terrestrial Underlings – Grid

Set for release on London imprint Dig That Treasure, ‘Grid’ is Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings’ (composer/drummer/vocalist Elihu Knowles) follow-up to his much-lauded 2020 debut album ‘Fishland’ (Moon Glyph Records).

‘Grid’ chronicles a single night in which the then-20-year-old Knowles experienced an episode of paranoia that led to what he believed to be a psychotic break. The EP attempts to capture this distress, what precipitated it, as well as its lasting consequences.

Sonically, ‘Grid’ picks up where ‘Fishland’ left off, venturing further into Knowles’s unique blend of maximalist, freeform sonic exploration and conventional song structures heavily influenced by his background as a jazz drummer. ‘Grid’ goes one step further, broadening the sonic palette with complex interlocking woodwind parts, degraded stride piano solos, intricately layered production, and even a mandolin solo.

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